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This is the page for the election following Wendy Hill's resignation.

Vacant positions: 1


Nomination period starts: 20191006
Voting period starts: 20191013
Candidate chosen: 20191020


In order to nominate yourself, enter your name and a short description as shown here:

Foo Bar

Foo Bar wants to run for the Lubuntu Council.

Thomas Ward

Thomas Ward (teward) wants to run for the Lubuntu Council. Thomas Ward is an Ubuntu Core Developer, Server Team member, long standing Ubuntu Member, an Lubuntu Member, and also helps to maintain the Lubuntu Infrastructure as a sysadmin. Thomas is also an Lubuntu Developer and frequently assists in monitoring bugs and testing the images.

Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons (kc2bez) wants to run for the Lubuntu Council. Dan Simmons is a Lubuntu Member and a Lubuntu Developer. Dan has been actively involved in the Lubuntu Project since the 18.10 release which was the switch to the LXQt desktop environment. Dan is active in the support IRC channel, participates in testing images and testing bug fixes.

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