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This is the page for the first yearly Lubuntu Council election.

Vacant positions: 5


Nomination period starts: 20191205
Voting period starts: 20200103
Candidates chosen: 20200124


In order to nominate yourself, enter your name and a short description as shown here:

Foo Bar

Foo Bar wants to run for the Lubuntu Council.

Thomas Ward

Thomas Ward (teward) wants to run for the Lubuntu Council. Thomas Ward is an Ubuntu Core Developer, Server Team member, long standing Ubuntu Member, an Lubuntu Member, and also helps to maintain the Lubuntu Infrastructure as a sysadmin. Thomas is also an Lubuntu Developer and frequently assists in monitoring bugs and testing the images. Thomas is also one of the primary people on the Lubuntu Developer Team with insights into the Security side of things as an IT Security Professional outside of the Lubuntu community, and regularly helps to provide security opinions on issues brought up to the Lubuntu Developer Team. He also regularly coordinates with the Ubuntu Security Team to expedite the inclusion of Security patches into the Lubuntu repositories as needed.

Simon Quigley

Simon Quigley (tsimonq2) wants to run for the Lubuntu Council. He is an Ubuntu Core Developer, Debian Developer, and holds a wide range of expertise in the Lubuntu project and the Ubuntu project as a whole. Simon has been the Lubuntu Release Manager for several years and regularly attends conferences to represent Lubuntu. He has pioneered a majority of the change in the Lubuntu project and led the LXQt transition.

Hans P. Möller

Hans P. Möller (hmollercl) wants to run for the Lubuntu Council. He has been helping Lubuntu since ~august 2018 and currently is a member of Lubuntu-Council and: Development, "Art and Design" and Globalization Teams. First he helped with configuration of LXQt and created a script for multimonitor wallpaper. Some other contributions are: porting the "additional drivers" tab from GTK to QT and developed lubuntu-update-notifier included since 20.04. Now he is working on packaging redshift-qt and developing native multimonitor wallpaper support for LXQt in pcmanfm-qt.

Walter Lapchynski

Walter Lapchynski (wxl) wants to run for the Lubuntu Council. He is a long standing Ubuntu Member and has held several leadership roles in the community, including the Community Council. He serves Lubuntu as Head of QA and Developer. He has been with the team since about 2011 or 2012, making him one of the most senior members.

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