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This is the page for the third yearly Lubuntu Council election.

Vacant positions: 5


Nomination period starts: 20220304
Voting period starts: 20220318
Candidates chosen: 20220325


In order to nominate yourself, enter your name and a short description as shown here:

Foo Bar

Foo Bar wants to run for the Lubuntu Council.

Thomas Ward

Thomas Ward (teward) wants to run for the Lubuntu Council. He is a long standing Ubuntu member, since 2014, and has a number of current roles, including Ubuntu Core Developer and Community Council Member, as well as being on the Developer Membership Board for review of applicants looking for upload rights. He has been actively involved in the Lubuntu Project from behind the scenes, as security consultant for package security concerns and other potential security concerns, as well as one of the primary administrators helping to keep the Lubuntu Project's infrastructure (everything from this Phabricator instance to the Discourse instance to the Telegram-IRC bridge, to the CI infrastructure) online and operational, and to help the Lubuntu Project where he can.

He was elected to the Lubuntu Council last year in 2021, and has handled the legal and financial side of the project to steer the project in a positive direction, and to resolve any latent legal issues that arise with how the Lubuntu Project runs. He also has served as Lubuntu Team Lead the past year and helped guide the project from an executive decisions side of things, with the blessings and approvals of the Council of course.

Lyn Perrine

Lyn Perrine(lynorian) wants to run for the Lubuntuu Council. She is a long standing Ubuntu member since 2015. SShe has many current roles including writing the fantastic Lubuntu manual. Before this she ended up doing iso testing. She first got involved in Lubuntu in 2013.

She was a elected to the Lubuntu council since 2019 and has mostly worked on the manual since 2018 and has worked on iso testing before that.

Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons (kc2bez) wants to run for the Lubuntu Council. Dan is a Lubuntu Member, Lubuntu Developer, Assistant Release Manager and currently serves on the Lubuntu Council. He has been actively involved in the Lubuntu Project since the 18.10 release which was the switch to the LXQt desktop environment. Dan is active in the support IRC channel, Discourse forum, participates in testing images and testing bug fixes. He has done packaging for Calamares in Ubuntu which is the current installer for Lubuntu. Dan promotes Lubuntu in the community on podcasts and various different Linux channels/forums.

Chris Guiver

Chris Guiver (guiverc) submits his name for the Lubuntu Council. Chris has been a Ubuntu member since 2019 (largely for work with Ubuntu News), Lubuntu member (a little later in 2019) having started QA-testing Lubuntu with 18.10/cosmic. Chris is not a developer, is found regularly on support sites (esp. askubuntu) & Lubuntu's discourse, as well as other various sites, and he tries to spend time/energy where he thinks it can be of use.

Leó Kolbeinsson

Leó Kolbeinsson (leok) (leokolb on IRC) wants to run for the Lubuntu Council. Leó has been involved with the Lubuntu project since 2017 (testing 17.10 Artful Ardvaark) and been a Lubuntu member since 2020. His main contribution has been QA testing. He is available on IRC / Telegram and Discourse if needed.

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