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This is the page for the fourth yearly Lubuntu Council election.

Vacant positions: 5


Nomination period starts: 20230219
Voting period starts: 20230226
Candidates chosen: 20230305


In order to nominate yourself, enter your name and a short description as shown here:

Thomas Ward

Thomas Ward wants to run for Lubuntu Council.

Thomas Ward has been on the Lubuntu Council for two cycles, and has taken upon himself on behalf of Lubuntu to handle the executive side of things, including the financial and business status of Lubuntu Association which processes donations on behalf of Lubuntu and its team. He has also been helping with Lubuntu development and security for at least three years.

Thomas Ward also helps operate all of the Lubuntu infrastructure in terms of Phabricator, Git(ea), Discourse, and the primary operation of Lubuntu's infrastructure at the OVH dedicated server and helps maintain the DNS and site integrity.

Chris Guiver

Aaron Rainbolt wants Chris Guiver (guiverc) to run for Lubuntu Council.

Chris has been an amazing mentor and helper to me over the past several months as I progressed from simply contributing to Lubuntu, to becoming a Lubuntu Member, to becoming a Lubuntu Developer. His quick response when I first came into #lubuntu-devel is one of the main reasons I actually stayed around to contribute to Lubuntu, rather than popping in and leaving almost immediately. He frequently helps users both on IRC and on our Lubuntu Discourse, as well as on Ask Ubuntu and occasionally in the Matrix room (to name a few places where I've seen him). His relentless QA testing keeps Lubuntu's ISOs from becoming little more than interesting computer-crashing artifacts. I have found him to be a good friend personally, and I would love to see him continue to be on the Lubuntu Council.

Simon Quigley

Simon Quigley is throwing his hat in the ring for the Lubuntu Council.

Simon uploads packages sometimes, among many other 🎩s.

Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons (kc2bez) wants to run for the Lubuntu Council. Dan is a Lubuntu Member, Lubuntu Developer, Assistant Release Manager and currently serves on the Lubuntu Council. He has been actively involved in the Lubuntu Project since the 18.10 release which was the switch to the LXQt desktop environment. Dan promotes Lubuntu in the community on podcasts and various different Linux channels/forums.

Aaron Rainbolt

Aaron Rainbolt (arraybolt3) wants to run for the Lubuntu Council.

Aaron currently is a Lubuntu Member and Lubuntu Developer, and one time had an uneventful stint as the stand-in Release Manager for about a week. He mainly tries to keep projects moving forward, maintain things that need it, help users on IRC and elsewhere, and not cause too much damage in so doing. He's been a Linux user for about four years and has been contributing to Lubuntu and the greater Ubuntu community for almost ten months.

Foo Bar

Foo Bar wants to run for the Lubuntu Council.

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