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Read the mentor guide. Contains everything that is required.

Idea proposition

Ideas can be in any field: feature addition, documentaion, website improvement, major bug fixes.

Guidelines about writing the idea:

  • Idea should be something that adds features/fixes something big in Lubuntu. See this for motivation.
  • Make sure the project can be completed in 12 weeks.
  • It must NOT be a link to a bug tracker. This is #1 reason for rejection. Take time to provide required information.
  • Be specific. Don’t be vague about the ideas.
  • Be sure to write a few sentences describing what you need accomplished and not just an overall theoretical version of what you might want.

Add ideas as tasks under 2020 milestone on the project board. It should contain following info:

  • Description about the project.
  • a list of prerequisites, description of programming skills needed and estimation of difficulty level.
  • potential mentors (can be assigned to them as of now.)
  • Actual use cases, if possible.
  • Make sure it is public visible.
  • Add relevant tags. eg: development team, website, artand design, documentation, etc.
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