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I, Dan Simmons, apply to be a Lubuntu Developer.

NameDan Simmons
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I am applying because:

  • I'd like to eliminate delays in getting my work sponsored.
  • I'd like to reduce the burden on my sponsors.
  • I'd like to add to the development of a project that I am passionate about.

Who I am

Professionally, I manage a team of system administrators and network/telephone/multimedia technicians for a college. I have been working at the same college for about 20 years now. Together we support nearly 200 servers (both virtual and physical), over 1,700 VOIP phones, countless miles of cable infrastructure, around 100 different projection facilities (classrooms and meeting spaces) and the network switching to drive it all. My primary technical focus is the network/firewalls and server infrastructure to support that. Yes, I use Lubuntu on my work desktop. It allows me to be the most productive. That isn't just a sales pitch, it feels like a comfortable glove to me.

My formal education is primarily focused on electronics hardware and software, in particular, communications equipment.

Personally, I am a husband and father of 2 children. My daughter is 16 and my son is 13. My son is a Linux user, I am still working on the other two. ;)

I am also an amateur (ham) radio operator. I currently hold a US general class license. I have been licensed since 1997.

I enjoy camping and hiking with the family (Yes, outside, away from a computer).

My Lubuntu story

I have been a Lubuntu user since the 17.10 release and an Ubuntu user since 5.10.

My involvement

I have been active in the Lubuntu development community since just before the 18.10 release. I have helped in a number of areas and I promote Lubuntu when I can. I am active in the IRC channels and the forum. I attend the weekly standup meetings.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

I have had the following uploads sponsored:
libfm-qt patch for trusting executables.
lubuntu-default-settings which allowed for folder sorting in ascending order and returned desktops shortcuts.
New upstream release packaging for Calamares in Disco.
Patch for Calamares to restore proper button updating on the partition page.
New upstream release packaging for Calamares In Eoan.
New upstream release packaging for Calamares In Eoan.

When packaging Calamares 3.2.4 release I discovered a typo error which I submitted a pull request upstream. My PR was merged here

Areas of work

When I first entered the Lubuntu community there was a great deal of testing needed so I was able to get my start with that. The transition from LXDE to LXQt was taking place for the 18.10 release. I test daily ISO's and I help test software and bug fixes for others in the team. I have done some small contributions to the manual. I have helped with some communication items. My largest area of contribution has been to Calamares and settings for Calamares and Lubuntu. I also try to help with support in IRC and the forums when I can.

Things I could do better

Like anything new, learning the standard operating practice is often one of the largest obstacles. This is no exception for my current situation. I am learning new things all the time but I need to continue to do so. Experience should lead to higher confidence and quality of work.

Plans for the future

I want to continue to help the Lubuntu project improve in quality and maintain current in technology. I want to help promote the positive community surrounding Lubuntu. I hope to help keep the initial experience enjoyable.
I hope to keep learning the Ubuntu community and the great people that it is made of.
I would like to advance my programming knowledge to assist further with Lubuntu development.
I plan to work with upstream projects to help maintain the Lubuntu project and foster a collaborative community.


The community surrounding this project is very welcoming and eager to help one another. It makes the atmosphere fantastic and it makes it easier to learn. A great deal of effort is put into servicing the users and I embrace that thought.

What I like least in Lubuntu

I really like Lubuntu maybe even love. One thing that I think could use improvement is the SDDM greeter theme. Ideally if we can get SDDM config editor packaged and installed users could easily set their own configuration up easily.


If you'd like to comment, but are not the applicant or a sponsor, do it here.


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