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I, Raman Sarda, apply to be a Lubuntu Developer.

I am applying because:

  1. I'd like to eliminate delays in getting my work sponsored.
  2. I'd like to reduce the burden on my sponsors.
  3. I'd like to contribute more actively to one of my favorite Linux distros.

Who I am

I am a student pursuing B.E (Hons) Civil Engineering and M.Sc.(Hons) Physics at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Hyderabad, India. I have keen interest in Operating Systems and their working. I have been following OS Dev wiki to develop a small project OS of my own. I keep distro-hopping among new and upcoming Linux distros but always find my way back to Lubuntu.

I enjoy swimming and riding bikes in my free time. Apart from that, I find myself at home in songs and books. I also maintain a blog here.

My Lubuntu story

I first used Lubuntu in December of 2017. It performed very well on my system which was slightly low spec at that time. It became my daily driver and favorite Linux distro due to its minimalist design. I decided to contribute back to Lubuntu and help making it even better.

I have been around phabricator and devel channel on telegram since March 2019, just before 19.04 release. My first contribution was a fix which made many files open in their own default apps.

My involvement

I patch upstream fixes, test development images and fix broken/incomplete features. I attend the weekly standup meetings and provide my views/ suggestions in various discussions. I provide support on discourse instance of Lubuntu whenever I can.

Examples of my work

Areas of work

Packaging / fixing bugs and testing is mostly what I do.

Things I could do better

Sometimes I end up making small errors like typos and whitespaces. At times, I keep asking small queries which can be solved by a bit of browsing around or reading some docs. I'd like to reduce them. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Plans for the future

I'd like to help add new features to Lubuntu and make it more user friendly. I want to help complete the wishlist which is present on phabricator.

I'd also like to try and get Raspberry Pi images of Lubuntu up and available to users.


Lubuntu has grown a lot over the years and all the credit goes to the development team. They are very helpful to people asking for support and are very welcoming to new contributors and help them in every possible way. It's a pleasure to be a part of the team.

What I like least in Lubuntu

An active window overview and tilling support is something I think will be a great improvement for Lubuntu. Many users (including me) like the ability to tile windows. It would be great if I could help in providing that functionality.


If you'd like to comment, but are not the applicant or a sponsor, do it here.

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As a Lubuntu Council Member, I really must recuse myself from
endorsing Raman, but as a Lubuntu Developer, I can't help but
say something. I really appreciate his enthusiasm about Lubuntu,
even going so far as to get a slot for Lubuntu at a tech
conference put on at his University (ATMOS). He says he wants to
reduce small queries, but while I see that as a reasonable goal
for everyone, I think his questions are evidence of the careful
consideration he'll give as a sponsor.  He's dealt with long
running projects with determination, persistence and a great
demeanor where others might have gotten dismayed. His breadth of
experience is fairly broad, too, even including the development
of a new (binary) package (lubuntu-grub-theme) and working
directly successfully with our— um… quizzical— upstream
developers. More than anything, I feel like the need to deal
with sponsorship has been an impediment to his capacity as a

Walter Lapchynski




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