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What is it?

Official Lubuntu Membership means recognition of significant and sustained contributions to Lubuntu or the Lubuntu community. Lubuntu Members are granted membership by the Lubuntu Council, which is defined in the Lubuntu Constitution.

All Lubuntu Members are inherently Ubuntu Members, and are thus given the same responsibilities and benefits as part of Lubuntu Membership. An individual qualifies for Lubuntu Membership the same way they would qualify for Ubuntu Membership, except the following also applies:

  • They have to agree to follow the Lubuntu Constitution as well as the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.
  • Lubuntu Members are also given <LAUNCHPAD-ID> email aliases, and voting rights to matters within the project as defined in the constitution.

Prospective Lubuntu Members are encouraged to read the documentation for becoming an Ubuntu Member as there are many resemblances between the two processes.

How do you apply?

Prospective Lubuntu Members should be clear members of the community and for the most part should not require an introduction. However, if you have doubts, feel free to create a page either on your personal site, the Ubuntu Wiki, or the Lubuntu Wiki describing your contributions and asking for people to endorse your application.

Applications to become a Lubuntu Member are done via IRC. Potential applications should be emailed to the Lubuntu Council. In it, you must:

  1. Give a summary of your contributions.
  2. Agree to abide by the Lubuntu Constitution.
  3. Provide a link to your profile on our Phabricator instance and your Launchpad account, where you have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.
  4. Either provide potential times to meet or something like a Doodle poll. Your goal is to ensure quorum (at least three members) for your application.
  5. Sign the email with a GPG key that is associated with your Launchpad profile.

At the meeting time, meet in the development channel and be prepared to answer questions about your contributions and your time in the Lubuntu community as well as future plans. The Lubuntu Council will then vote on your Lubuntu Membership.

The Lubuntu Council reserves the right to make adjustments to this process as needed. Please contact us if you need accommodations or if you have questions.

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