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Upload to a PPA
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Purpose of this document

As a supplement to the Packaging Tutorial, this is a great solution if you'd like people to test a change before you get it uploaded.


  1. gpg setup from packaging requirements.
  2. Add your key to Launchpad
  3. Create your PPA


  1. Start in the folder containing your debian folder of whatever package you're working on
  2. Get the source:
    1. uscan --download-current-version
    2. tar -x --strip-components=1 -f ../PACKAGE_*.orig.tar.xz
  3. dch -i a new changelog entry and make sure the version number ends with ppa# where # is some number. This will make the package essentially a higher version than those in the repos.
  4. Build the source: debuild -S -d
  5. Upload it to Launchpad: dput ppa:your-launchpad-id/your-ppa-name ../PACKAGE_*source.changes

You should immediately get an accepted message by email. Then it starts building. This can take a while. Be patient…

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