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Lubuntu Project Metrics
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This is the page describing the internals of how the Lubuntu Project Metrics system works. Don't worry, this isn't any user data. This is just statistics from Lubuntu Development to see where we can best devote our resources.

What does it record?

As of right now, it only records Jenkins data. As time progresses and we think of more things to add, the below subsections will grow.

All of this is currently being added to a SQLite database on a dedicated production container. There is currently no frontend, although it is not difficult to access the data if you already have SSH access. The metrics script from rMETRICS Lubuntu Project Metrics is ran once an hour on the container, and here is the crontab entry:

@hourly . $HOME/.profile; git -C $HOME/metrics/ pull; (cd $HOME/metrics && ./metrics --db-location /srv/metrics/master.db; sudo mv output/* /var/www/html/; sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/)

~/.profile contains some secrets which only prod will ever know.


Here is the jenkins table layout:

  • date is the primary key, and it is the Unix timestamp as an integer.
  • nonpassing is the number of !(SUCCESS) jobs as an integer.
  • failing is the number of FAILURE jobs as an integer.
  • total is the total number of jobs on the Jenkins server as an integer.


The reports are very crude.

Currently the following reports are created from the data:

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