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Release Process
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NOTE: More complete documentation can be found in rNEWREL.

This is a TODO list for the release process. Anyone can follow it, although it is mostly done by the Release Manager. These events are listed in chronological order.

10 days before release:

  • Create a draft release announcement on
  • Contact testers to get an initial round of smoke testing and bugs, so release critical (RC) bugs can be properly raised to the Ubuntu Release Team
  • Set forward which changes need to go in before the release, and which ones can wait

Release day:

  • Convert the draft announcement to HTML, remove any editors notes, and reread one more time.
  • Edit the Downloads page.
  • Publish the announcement on the blog (be careful to look at the slug and follow the scheme).
  • Post link to:
    • Twitter (which publishes to Mastodon)
    • Facebook page
    • Subreddit (sticky post and distinguish as mod)
    • lubuntu-devel and lubuntu-users mailing list
    • Telegram announcements channel
    • Forum announcements category
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