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This is the release schedule for Lubuntu, and includes important information about deadlines for the project.

Please do not edit this page unless you are correcting a mistake. This page can be changed at any time by the Lubuntu Release Team.

Date (Thursday)Event
March 2019
March 28th19.04 Beta Freeze (Monday), 19.04 Beta (mandatory)
April 2019
April 4th19.04 Kernel Freeze, 19.04 Non-Language Pack Translation Deadline
April 11th19.04 Final Freeze, 19.04 Release Candidate, 19.04 Language Pack Translation Deadline
April 18thLubuntu 19.04 Release, Lubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 EOL
April 25th19.10 Toolchain Uploaded
May 2019
May 2nd
May 9th
May 16th
May 23rd
May 30th19.10 Feature Definition Freeze
June 2019
June 6th
June 13th
June 20th
June 27th19.10 Ubuntu Testing Week (optional)
July 2019
July 4th
July 11th
July 18thLubuntu 18.10 EOL
July 25th
August 2019
August 1st
August 8th
August 15th
August 22nd19.10 Feature Freeze, 19.04 Debian Import Freeze
August 29th19.10 Ubuntu Testing Week (optional)
September 2019
September 5th
September 12th19.10 User Interface Freeze
September 19th19.10 Documentation String Freeze
September 26th19.10 Beta Freeze (Monday), 19.10 Beta (mandatory)
October 2019
October 3rd19.10 Kernel Freeze, 19.10 Non-Language Pack Translation Deadline
October 10th19.10 Final Freeze, 19.10 Release Candidate, 19.10 Language Pack Translation Deadline
October 17thLubuntu 19.10 Release
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