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User Support Questions (unanswered)
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The following is a list of current support questions from various sites (currently excludes discourse.lubuntu.me_).

If you believe you can help, please use the link for that question and provide that support, or you can provide clues to someone who uses the site (if you don't) such as the Lubuntu team member listed on , they can do it on your behalf.

Nvidia GT610 graphics issues
2020-12-04 (12 days old)

Display Scaling (2013 mac book pro)
2020-12-04 (7 days old)

unable to install an old NVIDIA driver in Lubuntu

// this one can be ignored I think

Ubuntu wallpaper launcher logo doesn't appear whilst turning on Lubuntu, a concern?

// i've planned to do some testing & try and re-create this issue (plymouth module (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/plymouth//.so in error I think is key; incomplete filename???) but I haven't had time
2020-12-31 (6 days)

Details required for Links will be

  • summary (title)
  • link
  • date added (your local date is fine, treat as approximate)
  • release (18.04 will be LXDE)

Questions deemed sufficiently answered can have their records removed from this page.

Thank you for any help you can provide to any Lubuntu users, and helping make Lubuntu better for us all.

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